There are two types of membership: life, and term membership, which lasts for 5 years and is available to those between 30 and 36. Only U.S. citizens (native born or naturalised) and permanent residents who have applied for U.S. citizenship are eligible. A candidate for life membership must be nominated in writing by one Council member and seconded by a minimum of three others.[1]

Corporate membership (250 in total) is divided into "Basic", "Premium" ($25,000+) and "President's Circle" ($50,000+). All corporate executive members have opportunities to hear distinguished speakers, such as overseas presidents and prime ministers, chairmen and CEOs of multinational corporations, and U.S. officials and Congressmen. President and premium members are also entitled to other benefits, including attendance at small, private dinners or receptions with senior American officials and world leaders.[2]

Board of directorsEdit

Co-Chairman of the BoardCarla A. Hills
Co-Chairman of the BoardRobert E. Rubin
Vice ChairmanRichard E. Salomon
PresidentRichard N. Haass
Board of Directors
DirectorPeter Ackerman
DirectorFouad Ajami
DirectorMadeleine Albright
DirectorCharlene Barshefsky
DirectorHenry Bienen
DirectorAlan Blinder
DirectorStephen W. Bosworth
DirectorTom Brokaw
DirectorSylvia Mathews Burwell
DirectorFrank J. Caufield
DirectorKenneth Duberstein
DirectorRichard N. Foster
DirectorStephen Friedman
DirectorAnn M. Fudge
DirectorMaurice R. Greenberg
DirectorJ. Tomilson Hill
DirectorRichard Holbrooke
DirectorAlberto Ibargüen
DirectorShirley Ann Jackson
DirectorHenry Kravis
DirectorJami Miscik
DirectorJoseph Nye
DirectorRonald L. Olson
DirectorJames W. Owens
DirectorColin Powell
DirectorDavid Rubenstein
DirectorGeorge E. Rupp
DirectorAnne-Marie Slaughter
DirectorJoan E. Spero
DirectorVin Weber
DirectorChristine Todd Whitman
DirectorFareed Zakaria

The Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations is composed in total of thirty-six officers. Peter G. Peterson and David Rockefeller are Directors Emeriti (Chairman Emeritus and Honorary Chairman, respectively). It also has an International Advisory Board consisting of thirty-five distinguished individuals from across the world.[3][4]

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Notable current council membersEdit

Notable historical membersEdit

Template:Refimprove Template:Columns-list Source: The Council on Foreign Relations from 1921 to 1996:Historical Roster of Directors and Officers[8]

List of chairmen and chairwomenEdit

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List of presidentsEdit

Source: The Council on Foreign Relations from 1921 to 1996: Historical Roster of Directors and Officers

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