Vast Right Wing Wiki

The aim of this Wiki is to find and document the links between Right Wing people, lobbying organizations, think tanks, religions and denominations, businesses and foundations.

I've already created several categories:

This wiki was inspired in part by the mythical (at least I have never seen it, ergo, "mythical") PowerPoint presentation by Rob Stein, "The Conservative Message Machine Money Matrix" [1]. It's also the enemy of Liberapedia.

The Conservative Movement is broken basically into three categories:

  • Messaging Infrastructure - provides the research reports and experts for the
  • Media - broadcasts the messaging and supplies the advertising for the
  • Republican Party - Takes the ideas and plans and turns them into law

To Do List[]

  1. Track down 2004/2005 reports from foundations, and document to whom they gave money.
  2. Start creating links between groups/people/etc.
  3. Learn about "Templates." I don't know nuthin' 'bout no templates.
  4. Create Timeline

It's important (to me) that every article contain sources to the information contained therein. Sources must be reputable outlets. DailyKos or the Washington Times are "reputable." JoeBob's Blog and Bait Site ain't.

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