Steve Litzow

Early lifeEdit


  • B.S., political science, Northwestern University, 1984


  • 2010 Marketing Lantern[1]
  • 2010 Founder of Decision Point Partners, a Mercer Island based national marketing firm
  • Senior Consultant, EMM Group[2]
  • Engagement Manager, EMM Group
  • Vice President of Marketing, ShareBuilder Corporation (currently a part of INGDirect) left his position as Vice *President of Marketing for ShareBuilder Corporation of Bellevue when it was sold to INGDirect, Inc. in November 2008
  • Chief Executive Officer, XpenseWise Inc.
  • President and Chief Executive Officer, XpenseWise Inc.
  • 1999 Co-founded Xpensewise with Rebel Rice
  • Senior Executive, CompuServe Incorporated (AOL bought CompuServe in 1997)
  • ? Senior Executive, The Shulton Group (Procter & Gamble bought Shulton Group in 1990)
  • 1985 Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble Co.
  • Litzow is the inventor-of-record on patents in the consumer and technology fields
20090049076 - System and method for dynamic price setting and facilitation of commercial transactions (patent application)
  • Holds a Series 7 FINRA License.


2003 Campaign for Mercer Island City CouncilEdit

In his 2003 campaign, Steve Litzow said his priorities were to "lead the development of a community-based plan that prioritizes the services and facilities the citizens believe are important, control costs to rebuild the recently depleted city-budget reserves and to bring the City Council closer to the community by holding weekly office hours to regularly listen to the citizens."[3]

  • elected to office in 2003[4]

City Of Mercer Island Council Pos. No. 01 Susan Blake 3465 45.66% Steve Litzow 4123 54.34% Write-In 14 0.18%

Mercer Island City Council 2004-2008Edit

2007 Campaign for Mercer Island City CouncilEdit

  • 63% of his campaign contributions were from out of state[5] The out of state contributors to his campaign are family and long-time friends.




  • reelected in 2007, unchallenged[9]

City of Mercer Island Council Position No. 1 Steve Litzow NP 5912 97.41% Write-in 157 2.59%

Mercer Island City Council 2008-2012Edit

  • leader on the Public Safety Committee[10]
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Eastside Transportation Partnership
  • The Green Ribbon Commission.


2008 campaign for State HouseEdit

  • Dec 2007 Announces [12]

[13] [14] [15]

  • Aug 2008 WA House - District 41 Seat 1 - All Party Primary - Won 47.27%[16]

[17] [18] [19] [20]

  • Nov 2008 WA House - District 41 Seat 1 - Lost 49.42% (-1.16%) to Democrat Marcie Maxwell[21][22]

2010 campaign for State SenateEdit

  • Challenging Democrat Randy Gordon for the 41st Legislative District Senate seat in November 2010.[23][24]


  • Platform: Working to Rebuild Our Economy By... Creating Jobs, Strengthening Education and Improving Transportation
  • Educating our children

- Wants significant changes to our state's education system. - Working across party lines to improve our public schools and attract quality teachers to Washington. - Emphasizing math, science, and technology.

  • Creating jobs, revitalizing the economy

- lower taxes and remove burdensome regulations so that businesses can thrive - we should not punish businesses for expanding.

  • Spending responsibly and lowering taxes

- balanced budget that - address the needs of our state - while cutting unnecessary spending

  • Protecting our environment and creating "Green Jobs"

- economic growth - environmental sustainability - local and regional partnerships to promote green technologies - electric vehicles

Community volunteeringEdit

  • Mercer Island Rotary
  • Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
  • Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Renton Chamber of Commerce
  • Mercer Island Boys & Girls Club
  • Mercer Island Senior Foundation
  • Board of the Bellevue College Foundation
  • Summer Search, a non-profit mentoring program for at-risk students.


  • Steve Litzow is married. He and his wife Jenny, live in Mercer Island with their four children.


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